In Belgium, beer is a tradition for all its inhabitants ... Belgian beer culture is even recognised as part of UNESCO's intangible Cultural Heritage!

Tournai is no exception to the rule. Some of our craft beers were voted best beer in several contests across the world! Many cafés will welcome you to taste these local specialties.

Bières locales

Cazeau Brewery (Tournay, Saison Cazeau)

Established in 1753, Cazeau brewery produces the only beer on the Tournai town area : it is called "Tournay". It offers 4 craft beers neither filtered, nor pasteurized : a golden blond with 6.7% alcohol, a dark, roasted taste and strong ale with 7.6% and a triple, very hopped with 9%. The brewery also brews the Saison Cazeau, a bitter blond ale with 5%

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Brasserie Cazeau bière Tournay

Brunehaut brewery (Brunehaut, St Martin)

Based on the original recipe from 1096, Brunehaut brewery produces the only abbey beers in the area : the "Saint-Martin" . The name is also the former abbey where the Town Hall is now located . To taste : St Martin abbey blonde with 7%, St Martin abbey brown with a taste of roasted coffee with 8% and a St Martin abbey triple, a beer for gourmets with 9%. The brewery has also developed a range of organic beers : the Brunehaut Blond with 6.5%, the Brunehaut Amber with 6,5% and the Brunehaut White with 5%.

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Bières locales (2)

Dubuisson brewery (Bush, Troll, Surfine)

Founded in 1769, eight generations of Dubuisson brewers have passed on their skills father to son, and this family-owned brewery remains independent to this day. The brewery produces beers with a strong character such as the Bush, one of the Belgian strongest beer with 12%, the Pêche Mel Bush (8.5%), the Cuvée des Trolls (unfiltered blond with 7%) and the Surfine ( a refreshing golden blond beer with 6.5%)

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Pêche Mel Bush Dubuisson

Dupont Brewery (Moinette, Saison Dupont)

Since 1950, Dupont brewery has been specialised in the production of top fermentation beers with refermentation in the botlle. The most famous beers are Moinette blond (a refreshing blond beer with fine hop aromas with 8.5%) en Saison Dupont a blond, thirst-quenchener beer with a strong bitterness with 6.5%. A part of the production is qualified as organic beer.

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Brasserie Dupont

De Ranke

Brewery De Ranke was born in 1996 from the association of 2 beer lovers: Nino Bacelle and Guido Devos. At that time they settled on the territory of Wevelgem and they brewed de Père Noël and XX Bitter, known for its strong bitterness. In 2005, the brewery moved to Dottignies. In 2015, the annual production reached 5000 hl, about 50% of this production is exported to more than 20 countries

To taste : Guldenberg with 8%, XX-bitter en XXX-bitter with 6%, Saison De Dottignies with 5 ,5%, Noir De Dottignies with 8,5%, Kriek De Ranke with 7% , Cuvée De Ranke with 7%, Hop-Harvest with 6%, …

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Did you know that ?

This name refers to the vines on which the main ingredient for beer grows: hops.

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Diôle, brasserie des carrières

The whole projet and the Diôle are born from the passion of two friends for local products, especially beer.

In the early 2000, after being graduated from high school, Julien Slabbinck and Francois Amorison decide to take a motorcycle trip with the objective to visit the main Walloon breweries, with a desire to get to know the Belgian beer specialties better,

10 years later, the two companions decide to start their own brewery in Basècles in a former sawmill The objective is focused on the production of handmade local beer, brewed with natural regional products.

Diôle blonde with 6 ,5%, Diôle brown with 8,5%, Diôle Ambrée with 7,5%, Christmas with 8,5%, Basèque with 5,5%.

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Did you know that ?

In literature of the village’s marble past industry, Diôle appeared to be the name of the tool whose tails were pulled off to polish marble.

Visuel_Brasserie des Carrières.jpg

Caulier Brewery

In 1933 Charles Caulier, a miner, left his job and decided to set up as a beer reseller in Bonsecours.

In the mid-1990s, the third generation decided to market its own beer, a custom-made high fermentation blonde. The Bon Secours was born! ! This appellation comes from the village of Bonsecours, the place where the history of the brewery began.

As of 2012, Laurent, Bertrand and Vincent joined their parents in the adventure. They shared the same ambition: producing natural, live, characterful beers so that as many people as possible get the opportunity to sample the tastes of yesteryear. Major investments in the brewery were begun and two products were launched: the Paix Dieu and the STUUT.

Discover the Paix Dieu and more : Caulier Brewery

Did you know ?

In the past this beer was produced in the Abbey of Paix Dieu, where the lunar calendar played a central role. In order to preserve the soul of the abbey, the Brewery only brews when there’s a full moon.

To taste : Bon Secours with 8%, Stuut and Paix Dieu with 10%.

Visuel_Brasserie Caulier.jpg

Grand Mir Brewery

In the centre of the tree nurseries and strawberry fields that characterise the village of Lesdain, you can discover the Grand Mir brewery.

The old farm has been renovated and adapted to install a brand new microbrewery. The preserved character of the farmhouse combined with a touch of modernity in the buildings makes it a unique place where Pascale and Philippe brew with passion quality, organic and characterful products.

To taste : the GrandMir Blonde, thirst-quenching and low in alcohol ( 5,7% ), the GrandMir Ambrée with its touch of sweet orange (6,5% ), the GrandMir Rubis, a red beer without fruits ( 6,5% ) and the GrandMir Noire, robust and robust (7% vol).

Brasserie du Grand Mir

Did you know that?

In the villages of the our region, many people and places were identified by a nickname, a so-called "throwaway" name. The farm of the Great Mir is no exception to the rule.

Ferdinand, Pascale's father, the owner of the premises, was nicknamed the "Grand Mir" : a tall man and son of Casimir!

The Grand Mir brewery as well as the brand of beers keep this memory of the past in mind.

Visuel_Grand Mir.jpg
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